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Folded T-shirt

Early mornings. Late nights. Mountains. Deserts. 

Long road trips. Quick flights. Sunday drives.

At home. Abroad. But always, together.

At Hazel + Hunt, we enjoy it all. Kentucky is home, but we  love to travel.  In fact, we  began this journey while on a cross country road trip in the summer of 2017. We had been dreaming of starting a business for a couple of years. Although we enjoyed our teaching careers, we wanted to work together. After seeing the Grand Canyon, driving across the Mojave desert, exploring the cities and falling in love with the small towns, beaches and redwoods along Highway 1 from San Diego to Seattle, we were feeling inspired. The freedom we experienced on this trip was enough to cause us to  reach a tipping point. 


With a fresh idea, and a sense that it was time to act on it, we decided to get to work.  We stopped at a coffee shop just outside of Glacier National Park, and spent the day creating our first two t-shirt designs. Two weeks later, we were back home in Kentucky with shirts in hand, preparing to set up at our first show!  We eventually settled on the name Hazel + Hunt to represent our brand. Check out our Journal to read more on the meaning behind our name. 


With something for everyone our wares are a little classy, down to earth, vintage inspired, and on trend.  We take pride in printing by hand on high quality apparel and goods. Each item is made with careful attention to detail from the earliest stages of brainstorming and creating artwork all the way to the final choice of inks, printing, and finishing methods. Thanks for stopping by! We hope you  see a little bit of your own personal style reflected here. 


P.S. Keep an eye out for our new home product lines and interior design services coming soon!

-Kris & Candice

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