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Wrestling With a Name

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

What would you call yourself if no one knew you? We found ourselves considering this question as we started our brand. Who we are is a little more complex than we first thought.

There is something about the timeless quality of a business built on the promise of a family name. When we started, we knew that the masculine, rugged tone of our own last name, Hunt, would capture many of the industrial design elements that inspire us. Deep moody colors, aged wood, tanned leather, cast iron, bourbon and tobacco hint at our Southern roots. It alludes to adventure and the thrill of the unknown, which has driven us to this point. But we knew that there was more to the story. We are equally drawn to the steady calmness of nature, rich shades of green, light and earthy neutrals, marble and polished gold. We finally settled on the vintage, but on trend, Hazel to reflect the more feminine aspects of design. Two sides of the same palette. Our experience. The human experience.

"Deep moody colors, aged wood, tanned leather, cast iron, bourbon and tobacco hint at our Southern roots."

What began as a simple nod to juxtaposition in design, began to take on an even deeper meaning as we began to consider what we want our brand to stand for. What we believe and how it influences what we make. At the heart of our brand, we hold a core belief that connection is possible. We want to create designs that resonate individually but also bring us closer together. It might something as simple as a love of coffee or as critical as promoting kindness. We have far more in common than we often think. The common denominator of humanity, is the day to day experience of life. We dream into the future, but we are tethered to now. We are capable of wild hope, but we are all prone to doubt. We long for adventure, but we love comfort. This common thread of being pulled in separate directions draws us together.

We found a way to articulate some of our thoughts in the pages of one of our favorite books, Sailing Between the Stars, by Steven James. "Humans are indeed an odd, entertaining, bewildering breed full of mishaps and blunders. Glory, dignity, and grace bubble up from our souls. We can tell we're from here, but don't belong here. We're meant for more than this. We are dust and bones, blood and dreams, skin-covered spirits with hungry souls. Philosophers have long wondered how we fit into this world somewhere between the apes and the angels. We're from below and above, bestial and celestial, children of the earth and offspring of the stars. We are an odd race capable of both martyrdom and murder, poetry and rape. We are far worse that we would ever on our own admit and loved by God more deeply than we would ever dare dream."

Great design is born out of purpose. We hope this explanation behind our name and the origin of our designs gives a glimpse into what we stand for. Common ground. Love for all. Day to day life. Hope for tomorrow.


the wrinkles of a child's toes

and the wrinkles of a father's brow

tell me who i really am.

both more and less

human than i'd ever

hoped to be.

Steven James

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